Injuries from Slips, Trips & Falls

A Williamsport Personal Injury Attorney Representing Your Needs

When a child falls, his mother may say, “watch where you are walking!” While this is good advice, sometimes the behavior of real estate owners and others contribute substantially to a serious fall, and there was very little you could have done to avoid injury. In such cases, a claim for damages can be asserted against responsible parties.

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

There are many common, everyday occurrences that can lead to injuries.

These include:

  • Uneven walkways in need of repair, which could easily have been navigated in daylight, but become treacherous at night
  • Snow and ice, which should have been removed, expose people to heightened risk of an unavoidable slip and fall
  • Broken or elevated sections of sidewalks, obscured by snow and ice, can provide the circumstances which will eventually cause someone to fall through no fault of their own
  • Defective walkways or parking lots outside a store can easily cause an unsuspecting customer to trip while carrying packages on the way to his car

Unfortunately, many other circumstances can also create conditions which may cause a serious fall, and these injuries are fairly common throughout Pennsylvania and the United States. When you’ve been hurt, make sure you seek medical attention, document the scene of the injury, and call our Williamsport personal injury attorney for legal assistance.

Seeking Compensation on Your Behalf

If you have suffered serious injuries in a fall, Warren R. Baldys, Attorney at Law may be able to help you evaluate the facts and circumstances and, if justified, make a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent injury.

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