In what responders call one of the worst crashes they have ever seen, a car reportedly collided head-on with a pickup truck on Saturday morning in Hamlin Township, Pennsylvania. As a result of the two-vehicle crash, all four occupants of the car, including two children, lost their lives, and the driver of the pickup required helicopter transportation to the hospital for serious injuries.

Responders describe debris all over the road due to the heavy impact, with the car well off the side of the road but the pickup still upon it. Authorities summoned two helicopters to the scene, with a nearby campground serving as a landing zone, using one to send the truck driver to the hospital and holding the other on the scene until responders were able to reach the occupants of the car to assess whether they would need transportation to the hospital as well.

The damage to the car was so extensive that extrication implements, including chainsaws, cutters and hydraulic tools, from several different fire departments were necessary to reach the vehicle occupants. The four occupants included two adults, a 30-year-old driver and a 31-year-old passenger, and two children, a nine-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. All four died at the scene despite concerted efforts to rescue them.

Authorities claim that the crash was due to driver error, making a point of denying that either road conditions or weather were factors. While on Route 219 headed northbound, the driver of the car allegedly crossed the double yellow line into the southbound lane for reasons that are uncertain. The pickup was traveling in the opposite direction, and despite his attempts to avoid the car, the two vehicles collided.

The current condition of the pickup driver is unknown, but it may be worthwhile for those who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident to discuss the case with an attorney.