Now that summer is around the corner, there will be many opportunities for your children to play outside. It is good for children to get some fresh air and exercise, but as we at Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law are aware, there are also many ways children can get in trouble when they are out and about. You and other Pennsylvania residents may be interested in learning about attractive nuisances and how this area of law is set up to protect children.

As you know, children are curious and do not always follow the rules. This is especially true if they are younger or if they are influenced by their peers. You may have taught your children not to go onto your neighbors’ properties. Not only is trespassing considered impolite, but it can also be dangerous if a neighbor has equipment or features that are not child-friendly.

For example, your neighbor may keep his keys in the ignition of a riding lawnmower, or his swimming pool might not have a fence around it. Curious children might not be able to resist the temptation to try out the mower or to go for a swim while your neighbor is at work. As FindLaw explains, an attractive nuisance is a feature on someone’s property that can pose a danger to children. Residents can be held liable for not taking reasonable measures to safeguard a hazard, such as locking equipment in a shed or fencing a swimming pool.

As our personal injury page explains, negligent parties may be held responsible for injuries involving your family members.