When residents in Pennsylvania get into a severe car crash, you may be faced with injuries you don’t expect. For example, crush injuries can lead to severe other effects. A severe crush injury may even lead to an amputation being necessary.

According to Medline Plus, crush injuries can vary in severity depending on the location of the injury, the duration of pressure applied, and the amount of pressure. Many different things can occur because of a crush incident, including bruising, lacerations, fractures, nerve injury, and secondary infection. You may also be forced to deal with compartment syndrome. This syndrome is caused by the increased pressure in your arms or legs. It can lead to severe and permanent damage to the vessels, nerves and tissues.

In some cases, if your limb is pinned for long enough, you may eventually physically suffer due to a lack of blood in the affected area. Without blood to distribute oxygen, the affected extremity may begin to show signs of cell death. Cell death and lacerations can also introduce gangrene and sepsis to the situation. Sometimes, the damage that is done is too great to be reversed. A doctor may be forced to come to the decision that a limb needs to be amputated.

Dealing with the possibility of amputation can be emotionally and mentally traumatic. Beyond that, it will be a huge physical adjustment in your life. You deserve compensation not only for the trauma that you could be facing, but also the financial strain that needing to have a limb amputated could end up causing you.