Recently at work, one of your coworkers suffered a workplace injury. Your Pennsylvania employer has workers’ compensation, but your understanding of how the incident occurred led you to believe the accident did not have to happen in the first place. Is your employer taking measures to protect its employees? takes a look at ways companies can do their part to safeguard workers. Determine if you need to speak to management or a supervisor about accident precautions before someone else sustains an injury.  

Use signs 

Well-placed and well-chosen signs and labels make it easy for you to remember proper safety procedures and precautions. Hazardous areas and equipment should have proper labels.  

Keep spaces clean and organized 

Cluttered work areas are rife with tripping, slipping, cutting and various other hazards. While you and your coworkers can help keep workspaces clean, proper organizational tools and equipment help with that endeavor.  

Keep company vehicles well-maintained  

Just as keeping your personal vehicle properly maintained helps avoid accidents, the same applies to company vehicles. If you drive for your company, ask when the vehicles received routine maintenance, an oil change, tire rotation and the like. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance also extends a vehicle’s overall life expectancy.  

Use the right equipment  

Depending on your industry and position, you may need specific equipment to properly and safely perform your job. Your employer should not only provide such equipment, but ensure it is of high quality for maximum protection and safety.   

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.