Working in a Pennsylvania warehouse can leave an employee at risk for a variety of accidents. These accidents can cause serious injuries and even death in an employee. Taking a few steps can help prevent these most common accidents.

MSDS Online lists the top four accidents in the material handling industry. Clutter, liquid spills and insufficient lighting can create an atmosphere ripe for a slip, trip or fall. These types of accidents “cause 15% of all accidental deaths.” Improperly stowing materials can cause a pallet rack to collapse injuring whoever is near.

Forklift crashes and hazardous material incidents round out the MSDS top four. The majority of these accidents are preventable through an effective risk management strategy. Employers should educate employees on how to maintain a safe, clean workplace regardless of their job.

US Netting states that loading docks are the front runners for one-quarter of industrial accidents. While loading and unloading trucks at the loading dock, forklifts may present the most danger for workers. The equipment can tip over and in the process pin someone to the ground or wall. Employees can fall off and become injured.

Poorly ventilated areas can cause employees to be poisoned with carbon monoxide. There are inevitably gaps between the trailer and the dock creating a potentially unsafe area for workers moving product. Many loading docks are high off the ground to make loading and unloading easier. However, a slip or fall near the edge can spell disaster for an employee.

A safe warehouse not only prevents injuries but also costs less money in damages. Injured employees may be entitled to compensation.