Whether people are paying attention and experience the momentary panic of knowing they are unable to avoid a collision or if they were hit unexpectedly by a vehicle that appears to have struck out of nowhere, both situations can be terrifying. While many drivers in Pennsylvania are doing their best to be vigilant and focused while driving, there is always the risk that they could be involved in a collision with another vehicle. 

People who are informed about the most appropriate ways to react in these types of situations may be able to keep their cool and prevent shock from disabling their ability to make smart decisions. Educating themselves may serve to help them understand how to help people who are injured, what information to give first responders and where to go to get out of harm’s way if their accident occurred in an area that is a bit precarious. 

U.S. News suggests that people be aware of the emotions they are feeling. Strong emotions of guilt, anger or even panic can create contention and leave both drivers feeling unhinged. People would benefit from watching what they say and doing their best to facilitate a level-headed conversation until first responders arrive to intervene. They should move their vehicles out of the way of other traffic if they can and look around for injured passengers. Once they call 911, they should remain on the phone with dispatchers until authorities arrive on the scene. 

If people are the witness of a car accident, Geico suggests that they call 911 right away and provide a brief and concise description of the incident, the vehicles involved and the condition of the people involved. They should remain on the scene so they can provide a witness statement to the authorities which may help in legal proceedings later on.