Drivers across Pennsylvania have already started to see the signs of oncoming winter. Whether you have already experienced slow flurries, patches of ice on the roads or heavy fog, you probably know that fall and winter driving is more dangerous than driving in milder weather. At the office of Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law, we want all Pennsylvania residents to make it through the cold season safely, but we also know that you can be entitled to compensation if a careless driver involves you in a car accident. 

The National Safety Council cautions that poor weather conditions are factors in countless motor vehicle accidents across the country every year. You can face serious weather-related hazards whenever you get behind the wheel this winter, such as the following: 

  • Reduced visibility due to heavy snow, rain or fog 
  • Wind blowing debris and obstacles into your path 
  • Slippery roads caused by ice, snow, rain and slush 
  • Darkness falling earlier, often during rush hour traffic 
  • Black ice, which is extremely slippery and difficult to see, forming on the roads overnight or in the early morning 

You may wonder how to reduce your risks when driving this winter. Most authorities advise motorists to slow down when the roads are slippery or when visibility is reduced. It is easy to lose control of the wheel when the roads are slick or to crash into others when you are unable to see clearly. You may want to prepare after a bad weather forecast by leaving a few minutes early so you are not rushed. It is always advisable to be aware of your surroundings, including watching your rear-view mirror and side streets, for hazards. 

Your actions may increase your own safety, but as our page on motor vehicle collisions explains, you cannot always predict the actions of a negligent driver. Therefore, you may wish to learn more about seeking compensation after an injury.