Many Pennsylvania residents depend on their paycheck to support their family’s basic needs. When you find yourself unable to work due to an illness or injury, you may feel strapped for cash and unable to pay bills. When something happens at work to cause the medical condition, there is usually a way to help you out.

The workers’ compensation process is foreign to many until they go through it. The information and insight provided by the staff here at Warren R. Baldys may prove critical in helping you navigate the system. If your employer carries workers’ compensation coverage, then you have the right to apply for benefits if your job is the cause of your injury. Reporting the injury to your employer gets the ball rolling.

A trip to the doctor

Some work accidents are evident, as are the injuries that result. A construction worker falling from a ladder may necessitate an immediate trip to the emergency room. Even with this type of incident, state law requires you to file a claim of injury with your employer. Before you can do this, you must have a medical examination and report from a doctor indicating the injury, treatment and cause.

Timeframe for reporting

In Pennsylvania, you have three weeks (21 days) from the date of your incident to report it to the employer and file a workers’ compensation claim. The last day you have to file a claim is 120 days from when the work incident occurred. The longer timeframe allows for illnesses and other injuries that are not as obvious, such as those due to repetitive movements, to remain eligible even if diagnosis takes longer.

The workers’ compensation claims process may take some time to process before you receive any monetary benefits. Read up on the process here to better educate yourself on how it works.