Traumatic Brain Injury

Experienced Representation For Individuals Who Have Suffered A Serious Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, can leave injured victims with high medical expenses and a loss of income when work is no longer an option, or if you are forced to take time off of your job when you are recovering. This is often financially devastating for you and your family. The loss of your ability to do everyday things is also a source of frustration and depression for victims.

At Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law, we work to assist clients who are recovering from a TBI across Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Traumatic brain injuries can result from a number of accidents, including:

Representation For Severe Injuries

Unfortunately, several parts of the brain can be injured as a result of a single impact. A victim may lose consciousness and not emerge from a coma for days or weeks. He or she may suffer seizures from a blow to the head, or nerve damage can affect sight and result in loss of vision or double vision.

The brain injured person may find it difficult or impossible to concentrate and remember. Problems with speech and changes in personality are common, as are difficulties with coordination and balance.

Expensive Medical Treatments

Recovery usually begins in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. Surgery may be required to remove blood from the brain or relieve pressure from swelling of brain tissue.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy are utilized in recovery. The injured person may need to learn to walk or talk all over again.

For these reasons, medical expenses can create massive debt. Filing a personal injury claim for compensation can help you and your family when you need it. The law office of Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law can help by providing prompt and thorough legal representation to obtain the financial recoveries and benefits to which you are entitled.

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