Denials And Appeals

Fighting Workers’ Compensation Denials

If you suffer from a work injury and had your request denied, you probably have bills piling up and a limited amount of resources to pay them.

Exercise Your Rights

You have a right to have your medical expenses paid for a work injury and financial support while you recover. This means that a timely appeal is necessary to effectively pursue workers’ compensation benefits and get your expenses paid while you recover. At Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law in Williamsport, we can assist you in the initial filing of your claim so that it does not contain one of the common mistakes made on claim forms that get claims initially denied.

We Work For You

A pre-existing condition is not a valid reason for denying your claim. The argument that you were negligent in causing your own injury is also not a valid reason for denying a workers’ compensation claim. If you were injured at work, you are entitled to wage loss benefits and medical expenses. We can help you file a Claim Petition and obtain a hearing before a Workers’ Compensation Judge.

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