Is Your Claim Being Underpaid?

When It Just Doesn’t Add Up

There are several ways that your claim can be underpaid. If you look at your payment balances and feel that something is not right, you are probably correct. The law office of Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law can look at the facts and give you a clear picture of the complicated situation in front of you. Here are some of the common ways the workers’ compensation insurance company pays you less than what you are legally entitled to:

  • Delaying your payments, discouraging your efforts to obtain your rightful compensation
  • Halting the payment your compensation within 90 days of your injury by stating that the remaining disability is from a preexisting condition not related to the injury
  • Miscalculating your benefits to their advantage
  • Minimizing the severity of your injury so they can get out of paying all of your medical bills

Experienced Representation

Our firm has over 40 years of experience, including years spent working on workers’ compensation cases and knows how to best pursue the defense and resolution of your workers’ compensation claim. We provide seasoned know-how with a commitment to open communication with our clients so you will always know the status of your case.

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