What Happens If I Get Fired After I File A Claim?

Dealing With Employer Retribution After A Workers’ Compensation Claim

It is what everyone fears in their working career, and now you are experiencing it. You just got fired. What is even worse is that you were previously injured at work, and you still count on your workers’ compensation benefits for support. You feel used and betrayed, wondering if it was your injury that got you fired. Also, you are wondering what will happen with your claim.

Answers And Advocacy

Even though Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state, you should not get fired due to filing a workers’ compensation claim. In addition, the termination of employment should not impact the benefits you receive. The legal staff at Warren R. Baldys Attorney at Law is experienced with these types of cases and can skillfully advocate for your rights to adequate workers’ compensation.

With You All The Way

You probably feel very insecure about being injured and out of work – and for a good reason. Our legal firm can partner with you throughout your workers’ compensation claim process, listening to your concerns and safeguarding your rights through strong legal backing.

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